Custom Seating Systems From Seating Solutions

Seating Solutions specializes in the design of custom outside the box seating systems that are unique to our client needs. We have built everything from seating systems that crane out in sections to stadium seating on railroad tracks that move with spectators in them. If you are looking for a custom designed seating solution look no further!



It has the following features :

  • Luxury Suite Additions
  • Removable End Zone System
  • Tunnel In-Fill system which filled in an empty tunnel in their stadium.
  • Available for sale or rental.

Ultimate Seating System From Seating Solutions

Our Ultimate stadium seating system is an all-aluminum system that is designed to rapidly install and uninstall.  Perfect for multi-use facilities, traveling performances, or temporary stadiums.  If you are looking for a high quality system that provides endless options and flexibility, the Ultimate system is for you.



Its Design Options Include :

  • Quick connect hardware
  • Variable rises and runs
  • Rail signage systems
  • Snap in seating options
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to transport
  • Optional wood decking
  • Aisle lighting

Portable DreamSuites for Your Special Seating

Portable DreamSuites are designed to roll into tight spaces such as unused ADA areas to help create a valuable branded seating system that is perfect for “Fan of the day” upgrades and other promotions.



The systems are designed in modular two seat or four seat units, but can also be designed custom. They are available for season long rentals or purchase. Please contact Seating Solutions for a free consultation and pricing.

Sacramento Republic FC – Bonney Field

Sacramento Republic FC purchased 2,225 Maximus 28 seats in their new stadium. The seats were custom color matched to match their team color and spelled out “SRFC” in the stands. The project was a rush project and took many forms over the negotiations, but Seating Solutions was always adamanet that the team had to go with a more comfortable and more professional bleacher system to treat their fans to the best gameday experience.



The final product is an amazing stadium with custom seats that will grow with the team. See the blurb below from Tim Stallings Director of Merchandise and Information Technology at Sacramento Republic.

Georgetown University

Georgetown had the idea in motion to build a multi purpose stadium on campus and initially thought that their need would be for a two season rental of our Ultimate seating.



When the larger project stalled, the University then purchased the Ultimate bench seating system (with BleaChair XL) and the three press boxes with the intent to move the entire modular system to various sports fields on campus once the new stadium is built.

Branded Seating Environments

Branded environments include our DreamSuite and Fan Can luxury seating offerings. These seating systems are designed to take underutilized space in stadiums and arenas and turn them into revenue generators. A DreamSuite or Fan Can is a much better investment than a standard sign because people are interested in the seating system, they see it and wonder how they can sit there, it also supplies a unique ticket inventory for the sponsor.



All branded environments are completely custom and can be designed with:

  • Reclining chairs with patented XZipit interchangeable logo system
  • Theater style chairs with patented XZipit interchangeable logo system
  • Signage
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Rain/sun awnings
  • Video game consoles
  • Heat / AC
  • Custom support structure permanent or portable

Design Team at Seating Solutions

Seating Solutions in-house design team takes your ideas and the input from our sales consultants to re-create those concepts into an AutoCAD layout. By doing this you will be able to see exactly what we are proposing and how it will fit into your space. This also gives us the ability to make recommendations on increasing capacities and checking sightlines.



Our 3 dimensional drawing and renderings allow you to truly grasp how your arena seating will look at your facility. Our designers will make adjustments to the layouts until we are all satisfied with the final drawing. We follow the toughest safety guidelines when creating your drawings and if required for the project will have these drawings stamped by an engineer to validate the seating system for permitting purposes. It’s all part of our service!

Luxury Padded Seat Covers

Add to your flip up seat Seating Solution’s black padded seat cover for extra comfort and style. Customizable embroidered logo options available.


Our luxury seat covers solve the problem of excess seating capacity and can potentially generate extra advertising revenue.  Wherever a stadium, ice arena, or sports field finds it desirable to camouflage unsold capacity, custom seating covers are the answer.

Drop-in Signage Panels

Seating Solution’s newest innovation – the drop in rail signage panel for Arena seating. Forget messy banners. This new panel has been well received by major corporations and is becoming the new wave of sponsor signage and advertisement. Offset your costs & have this sleek look at your next event.



Drop-in Signage Panels have the following features:

  • Front, rear and/or side signage options
  • Options to buy
  • High detailed print application
  • Signage ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Clean, easy install