Detroit Lions, Quicken Loans DreamSuite at Ford Field

When the Detroit Lions were looking for a unique sponsorship area Seating Solutions and DreamSeat stepped up and pitched the DreamSuite. Located in the lower bowl of a corner of the stadium the new 62 seat DreamSuite utilizes XZipit reclining chairs, flat screen televisions, and the first all glass railing system in a DreamSuite. The result was an unrivaled VIP seating area that is the best area in the stadium to watch the game.



Seating Solutions and DreamSeat can do the same for you. Please contact us to discuss taking an underutilized area in your facility and creating a unique revenue generating seating area. For more info visit :

Pocono Raceway Seating

Pocono Raceway – Long Pond, PA


Pocono Raceway had seen a dip in attendance over the past few years. They also had uncomfortable bench seats that had no back and were spaced at the minimum spacing of 18″. They needed to figure out a way to fill the stands while creating a more comfortable experience.



Seating Solutions installed 12,000 of our BleaChair Maximus and 8,000 of our standard BleaChair. These seats were spaced at 22″ providing a wider seat which brought down the overall capacity, making the bleachers appear more full. They also added a comfortable backrest which helped increase attendance and fan enjoyment.

Add Color to Your Bleachair

The BleaChair family of products comes in 6 standard colors (guaranteed for 2 years), with custom colors available for bulk orders. Whether you’re adding your team’s color, a checkered flag at a racetrack, or a sponsor’s name, BleaChair gives you the tools to design whatever you can imagine.


Help raise team spirit by adding your team colors to your otherwise boring grey stadium and draw the attention to your chairs rather than your aging concrete or aluminum. Team letters or words can be spelled out in the seats depending on the design of your facility. For more info visit :

BleaChair Seat Pan

When spacing doesn’t allow for a backrest, you can use the contoured seat pan as an alternative to full BleaChair seats. Attach to any surface to permanently upgrade comfort, color, and insulate your seat.



If you are looking for a cost effective way to upgrade your bleachers but simply don’t have the room to add backrests the BleaChair seat pan is the product for you. The seat pan adds comfort, seat identification, and color to your bleachers at a low price point. Available in 6 standard colors, custom colors available on bulk orders.


XZipit Row Ones at Seating Solutions Are The True Meaning Of VIP Seating. Creating Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities Through Its Uniquely Patented Logo Panel System. Designed to mount to any surface for a permanent installation or beam mount for portable solution for any event or setting.




XZipit’s Row One is changing the look and feel of premium rental seating by offering the ultimate in comfort and quality. Our unique rocking mechanism along with our premium high back provides a maximum spectator experience. These chairs can be found throughout professional & collegiate venues and facilities as well as home and commercial theaters all over the country.

Modular Buildings at Seating Solutions

Seating Solutions provides pre-fabricated press boxes, luxury suites, and support buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our boxes can come in an all-aluminum design or with a steel frame for added strength. Our designs meet all applicable codes and we even go as far as to get a third party stamp in states where it is required.




All of Seating Solutions boxes come pre-wired for electricity and data with front windows and work desk with options for heat/AC, sliding windows, and roof top camera decks. They can be as finished or unfinished as you require and can even utilize amenities such as bathrooms and kitchenettes. A pre-fabricated structure is a great option because it minimizes the time you spend on the job site as well as the amount of costly labor to install.

Steel Bleachers at Seating Solutions

Steel bleachers are Seating Solutions answer to the aluminum theft problem in urban areas. They also utilize all tamper proof hardware which makes it nearly impossible to take apart the bleacher once it is installed.



The galvanized steel is impervious to rust and holds the original finish of the bleacher for years. These bleachers are made of 100 percent steel and are too big and too heavy to be worth the time to try to vandalize or steal.