Steel bleachers from Seating Solutions

Steel bleachers are Seating Solutions answer to the aluminum theft problem in urban areas. These bleachers are made of 100 percent steel and are too big and too heavy to be worth the time to try to vandalize or steal. They also utilize all tamper proof hardware which makes it nearly impossible to take apart the bleacher once it is installed.




  • In-house manufacturing allows us to build to your exact requirements
  • Code compliant 1:12 slope ramps
  • Aluminum or steel stairs available
  • Available for sales or rentals

Elite Scorers Platform

The Elite Scorers Platform is a 16’ x 5’ portable aluminum stage that allows score keepers, coaches, and announcers to get up above the players. The platform comes with code compliant access stairs, 4 built in benches and a scorers table. The Elite Platform is completely portable and comes complete with wheels, 2 code compliant access stairs, leveling jacks and is railed on all sides for safety.




Our Video Tower add on feature is the perfect solution for any game application needing something extra to get to the next level. Ideal for game filming, scorer’s box, referee post and much more!

Custom Scorers Platform at Seating Solutions

All of Seating Solutions standard Scorer’s platforms can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you need a higher elevation, a larger width or length, or even to make the platform permanently anchored, we have you covered.


Please let us know your needs and we will design a platform to your exact specifications.

  • All aluminum construction
  • 30” elevation with staircase entrance
  • Includes 4 BleaChair Maximus seats

Seating Solutions at Crandon Park

Miami Dade County was looking to add seating on the roof top of the existing stadium at Crandon Park to increase capacity for their annual Sony Ericsson tennis tournament. However, to comply with local requirements any additional seating had to be removed after the tournament ended.


The Ultimate seating system was designed with a 16″ elevation change per row to allow for a better sightline to the court. The 6,500 additional seats are installed in a 6 day period with just an eight man Seating Solutions installation crew. Immediately following the event, the system is broken down and the seating is brought down to the lower levels of the stadium for storage. For more info visit :

Seating Solutions at 2014 Kentucky Derby

Put on your fancy hat – we are going to the races! Our newest 903 box seat tip up seating in Derby green was built on our Ultimate seating system using a 33” tread depth for greater comfort and leg room.


With over 3,000 box seats each guest was able to get a VIP experience with the new featured arm rests and cup holders. This system was built to marry into a VIP platform. System is complete with required aisles, stairs and picket rails.

Detroit Lions DreamSuites

When the Detroit Lions were looking for a unique sponsorship area Seating Solutions and DreamSeat stepped up and pitched the DreamSuite. Located in the lower bowl of a corner of the stadium the new 62 seat DreamSuite utilizes XZipit reclining chairs, flat screen televisions, and the first all glass railing system in a DreamSuite. The result was an unrivaled VIP seating area that is the best area in the stadium to watch the game.



The system was placed on the concourse and encroached into the bowl. Standard stadium seats were removed to make room for the DreamSuite and the loss of standard inventory was well worth the revenue that was created when Quicken Loans came in and sponsored the DreamSuite. Quicken Loans now owns the entire DreamSuite inventory and can use it for promotions and employee perks.

Pre-fabricated Press Boxes & Luxury Suites

Seating Solutions provides pre-fabricated press boxes, luxury suites, and support buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our boxes can come in an all-aluminum design or with a steel frame for added strength. Our designs meet all applicable codes and we even go as far as to get a third party stamp in states where it is required.




All of Seating Solutions boxes come pre-wired for electricity and data with front windows and work desk with options for heat/AC, sliding windows, and roof top camera decks. They can be as finished or unfinished as you require and can even utilize amenities such as bathrooms and kitchenettes.