Seating at NBA All Star Games

NBA All Star Games used Seating Solutions Ultimate floortrack seating. This seating system maximizes the quantity of seats in a given space at floor level with a low profile track that lays flat on the floor, onto which our flip up chairs lock into place.


Standard folding chairs require a minimum of 36″ of row spacing. Even then it is very difficult to walk past someone that is already seated. Our Ultimate floortrack holds the flip up chair so that the row spacing is 30″. For more info visit :

AT & T Stadium Seating

AT & T Stadium Seating has modular design to maximize seat count. It has remarkably fast set up and removal due to virtually no hardware. With virtually no hardware the system dismantles remarkably quickly.


Seating has increased comfort and appearance by use of padded seats covers, carpeting, aisle lighting and drapery. It also features Safety code compliant and all-terrain leveling system. This is the only system that you should consider when looking for temporary seating for your events.

Hershey Park Stadium Seating

Hershey Park Stadium used Ultimate seating for their event.Ultimate seating is known throughout the special events industry as the most innovative event seating system. With virtually no hardware the system dismantles remarkably quickly.The modular design of the system allows our design team to maximize the amount of seats in a given space.


The understructure of the system is manufactured entirely from lightweight but rigid square tube aluminum. The system is braced together using patented locking systems that do not require hardware. Sponsorship, branding, personalization seat label options Available. Add additional comfort and style with our padded seat cover options.

Seating Solutions for Graduation or Commencement

Let Seating Solutions take the headache of event seating guests at your client’s event away from you. When your school just doesn’t have enough guest seating for your graduating class consider adding our Ultimate bench or flip up seating system. We can elevate our stand to match your existing grandstand. For the graduate, consider our floor track system.



At no charge, we will conduct site visits, measure the space, have our in-house design team build 3D images of the seating and create a concise proposal of our intended scope of work. Our diverse product line will work for your event large or small.

BleaChair Standard Seating

BleaChair is the first and only chair designed to code compliantly fit in the standard bleacher tread spacing of 24″. The compact design allows for a comfortable lumbar support which alleviates the pain associated with sitting on a standard bench. The BleaChair seats are designed to attach to any substrate.

old-dominion-standard-bleachair-gal8 (1)



We have hardware for all applications and mostly use self tapping “tek” screws, concrete anchors, wood screws, and “riv nuts”. Each different type of hardware has its own unique application and our sales staff can help you pick out the best one for your project. Available in 6 standard colors, custom colors available on bulk orders. Please call for pricing.

Create a Valuable Branded Seating System

Portable DreamSuites are designed to roll into tight spaces such as unused ADA areas to help create a valuable branded seating system that is perfect for “Fan of the day” upgrades and other promotions. The systems are designed in modular two seat or four seat units, but can also be designed custom.




They are available for season long rentals or purchase. Please contact Seating Solutions for a free consultation and pricing.  Our customizable luxury furnishings is perfect for branding your own custom line of furniture products that can be offered to your VIP suite guest.