Villanova University Wildcats Softball


The Villanova Wildcat Softball team is already getting ready for this season with its newly updated Bleachair seats. Utilizing our BleaChair Maximus 28 bucket seats, fans can comfortably enjoy the game from their existing bleacher seating unit. This bench seat upgrade also provides Villanova with possible sponsorship options. Check out more here :

Mascaro Construction & Seating Solutions at the University of West Virginia


2,500 BleaChair Maximus for University of West Virginias Morgantown Ballpark. The university team plays there as well as the minor league team “The West Virginia Black Bears”. Installation of brackets, planks, and BleaChair Maximus. Cup holders are also attached to rear of Maximus seats. Seat numbers and row numbers provided. For more info visit :

The Bravo Seat utilizing our Grid System

The Bravo Seat, a better, higher end VIP Seat utilizing our Grid System. Similar to our Ultimate Floor Track Seating, The Bravo Grid follows the same basic principles: added safety, added comfort, added seat count while also providing an ease of cleaning and maintenance.


What the Bravo Seats adds is a sleekness and high end luxury, feel perfect for performance arts centers, arenas, and anywhere that has come to expect a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience. The Bravo chair is a fully upholstered high back seat that is more comfortable than any folding chair on the market. For more info visit :

Seating Solutions at Calvert Vaux Park

Offering a wide range of bleachers from standard 3 row bleachers all the way up to 20,000 seat grandstands Seating Solutions have the option for you. Calvert Vaux Park utilized steel bleachers from Seating Solutions. Seating Steel bleachers are Seating Solutions answer to the aluminum theft problem in urban areas.



These bleachers are made of 100 percent steel and are too big and too heavy to be worth the time to try to vandalize or steal. They also utilize all tamper proof hardware which makes it nearly impossible to take apart the bleacher once it is installed. The galvanized steel is impervious to rust and holds the original finish of the bleacher for years.

Graduation Guest Seating

When your school just doesn’t have enough guest seating for your graduating class consider adding our Ultimate bench or flip up seating system. We can elevate our stand to match your existing grandstand. For the graduate, consider our floor track system. These individual flip up seats lay flat on the ground with a track that will not sink into the ground like a folding chair.



At no charge, we will conduct site visits, measure the space, have our in-house design team build 3D images of the seating and create a concise proposal of our intended scope of work. Our diverse product line will work for your event large or small.

Custom Scorers Platform

The Elevated Scorer’s Platform is a portable aluminum platform that allows score keepers, coaches, and announcers to get up above the players. The platform comes with wheels, 30″ elevation, attached code compliant access stairs, and built in bench and scorers table.


All of our standard Scorer’s platforms can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you need a higher elevation, a larger width or length, or even to make the platform permanently anchored, we have you covered. Please let us know your needs and we will design a platform to your exact specifications.

PBR Winstar Casino Seating Solutions

Doesn’t matter to us, we do it all from arena to racetrack. The Ultimate seating system builds on all surfaces, even when there is a pitch to the ground. The Ultimate system has an all-terrain leveling system with adjustable legs for any surface. Use bench for general admission or treat your guests to greater comfort with our 20” wide flip up seat or newest box seat for ultimate comfort.


This PBR rodeo event held at Winstar Casino utilized over 7,000 of Seatimg Sosafety code compliant, Ultimate automatic tip up seats with a combination of our newest VIP box seats with armrests (shown in green) and our standard flip up seats (shown in black & blue).

The Bravo Seat, VIP Tip Up Seat

The Bravo Seat is your ideal choice for premium indoor and outdoor tip up seat. Similar to our Floor Track Seating it can still maximizes the quantity of seats in a given space at floor level; The Bravo Seat offers a higher end, more luxurious seat.


What the Bravo Seats adds is a sleekness and high end luxury, feel perfect for performance arts centers, arenas, and anywhere that has come to expect a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Increase Your Ticket Sales with the Ultimate Bleachair

Spectators are willing to pay more for more comfortable seats, and that’s just what the BleaChair family of products provides. Universities and high schools are routinely able to increase ticket prices by 25 percent after installing our BleaChair seats.


Fans are happy to pay as they enjoy a more comfortable game experience without the back pain of standard bleachers or the feeling of someone next to them hogging up all their space on the bleacher bench.

Tampa Bay Rowdies (NASL)

Seating Solutions recently helped the Tampa Bay Rowdies, North American Soccer League Team, renovate their stadium. By utilizing our tip-up seating, the fans can now enjoy the came in full seat luxury.



Offered as an upgradable seat to ticket holders, the BoxSeat gives a better seating option for fans. Check out more on