Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

Seating Solutions spent some time in Vegas this spring at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. They contacted us to supply seating for their outdoor Sammy Hagar concert on April 11th. We were able to build them an outdoor venue that seated over 3,000 people with our c, and a 70 foot elevated section with a VIP rear deck.


The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center called us again when they played host to “Knockout Night at the D” a boxing championship on May 22. Headlining the inaugural event was a 10-round lightweight clash between Richard Commey and Bahodir “Baha” Mamadjonov.


Fans were on their feet cheering as Commey got a knock out in the 8th round. However, for the rest of the night they were seated comfortably by seating solutions.  We replaced The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center use of regular chairs permanently with our Ultimate Floor Track system, giving them 20% more seats in the same area. In addition to the permanent seating, we supplied them with temporary seating for the event. 200 people were seated in our blue Ultimate Flip Up seats. Finally, to top off the experience we supplied them with elevated stands that were tiered and completed with a drink rail


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