Tundra Territory – Miller Park Official stadium of the Milwaukee Brewers

Branded environments include our DreamSuite and Fan Can luxury seating offerings. These seating systems are designed to take underutilized space in stadiums and arenas and turn them into revenue generators. The revenue can come from one of two places, the first is ticket sales, the second is corporate sponsorship.


Our branded environments lend themselves to third party sponsorship because of the uniqueness of the product, luxury feel, size, and buzz they create in a venue.

Aviator Sports at Floyd Bennett Field

The BleaChair XL is a patented contoured seat designed to fit in 26″ tread depths. The compact design allows for a comfortable lumbar support which alleviates the pain associated with sitting on a standard bench. Constructed of durable high impact polypropylene and guaranteed for 3 years of UV color resistance the BleaChair XL is a cost effective seating option for any application.


Perfect for VIP/ Alumni sections, reserved seating, or a whole stadium. The chair installs easily to concrete, aluminum, and wood benches and is perfect for new construction or retrofits of existing facilities. Available in 6 standard colors, custom colors available on bulk orders. Please call for pricing. For more info visit : http://www.seatingsolutions.com/products/bleachair/bleachair-xl/

Wayne County High School, Georgia

Wayne County High school in Georgia recently upgraded their football stadium bench seating to a more comfortable Bleachair Seat.



Customized to match their school pride colors the Bleachair XL model, combines economy and comfort into once single package. Fans can now enjoy the game on a whole new level – go yellow jackets! See more at : http://www.seatingsolutions.com/

Detroit Lions Field Seats

A new luxury lounge offering at Ford Field that will provide members with an exclusive premium experience during Lions home games. This lounge can only be accessed inside of the stadium.


“Essentially, these changes will allow fans to get closer to the players than ever before. The up-close view in the tunnel was really made popular by the Dallas Cowboys, and field-level seating has been a staple of basically every new stadium in the last few years.”


Seating Solutions, constructed a completely custom endzone seating platform that housed 72 branded Row One VIP Seats for exclusive club member access only. See more at  www.SeatingSolutions.com

Asics World Series Beach Volleyball, Long Beach, CA

Tuesday, August 18 marked the start of the WSOBV in Long Beach, CA. Seating Solutions was proud to provide 2 fully customized seating systems for the event. This unprecedented event brings the world’s greatest beach volleyball players and their fans together in a way that’s never been seen in the world of professional sports.



Withcbroadcasting the action, most spectators enjoyed the event on our Ultimate Flip Up Seating, but general bench style seating was also offered at the left and right sides of the main stage. Drop in signage was also added to promote the various sponsors for the event. See more at www.SeatingSolutions.com

Game Seven Marketing – Mike 2015 Tournament of Champions

This past weekend The Barclays Center played host to the 2015 Nike Tournament of Champions (TOC). Seating Solutions supplied two custom built Ultimate Seating Systems for the event built on the foregrounds of the Barclays Center. This showcase was a culmination of another epic year of summer basketball in New York City.




Some of the Big Apple’s elite talent from summer leagues all over the city went head-to-head in the heart of Brooklyn in pursuit of ultimate bragging rights. For more info visit : www.SeatingSolutions.com

Box Seat 907 Sacred Heart University

The BOX Seat 907 model is the cost-effective option of a fully-upholstered seat. Offering the luxury of a padded seat with the stability of a polymer backrest, the 907 is the perfect example of comfort meeting both functional and budget requirements.


The ergonomic and anthropometric-focused design of The BOX Seat delivers the highest level of spectator comfort.
Developed from the latest World Health Organization data, The BOX Seat offers the most up-to-date human engineering available. For more info visit : http://www.seatingsolutions.com/products/box-seat/model-907/