Dynamic Sleeve Interchange Feature of Box Seat

The Dynamic Seat Interchange enables the altering or upgrading of a chosen seating formation at any time. The ‘Seat Sleeve’ innovation is an industry first. When the seat is in the ‘tip-up’ position it entirely covers the backrest, preventing uneven fading from UV light. More importantly, because the ‘Seat Sleeve’ has a rapid interchange function, venues that require different coloured seats for ‘branding’ patterns need only to change the sleeve, rather than the whole seat. This is both considerably faster and a fraction of the cost of changing entire seats.


  1. First, install your Grandstand seating plan with a Star Burst.
  2. And later, change to a Fade pattern. The options are endless and the interchange so rapid, you can achieve it in a day.

Every model in The BOX Seat system can be easily reconfigured or upgraded… open your venue with a 903 model and upgrade to a 907 or 908 model in the future.


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