Baltimore Ravens, Training Camp

The Baltimore Ravens know that their fans have the same dedication as their players. This year they wanted to provide theirs fans with over 1,500 extra seats to watch their favorite team practice. Seating Solutions provided four of our Ultimate Seating System with Bench Style Seats. Our elevated systems allowed for fans to get the best possible view of their favorite players. Keeping fans safe is our number one priority; all of our systems were fully safety code compliant with thanks to our full no-climb picket rails on the back, sides, and front of the system. Fans were able to find a seat safely because all of our systems had three aisles with contrasting mid-step nosing and mid-aisle handrails.


Seating Solutions kept things cool with 8 of our new motorized Retractable Awning Coverage application. This new application protects spectators from harmful UV Rays and makes an already comfortable experience even better by providing shaded environment up to 20-degrees cooler than the outside temperature.  The motorized awning sits at 11’ off the back of the bleacher with a 6’7” pitch, allowing excellent sight lines for when Special Teams are practicing kick returns or when Joe Flacco is throwing a long touchdown pass!

We also helped cheer the Ravens on with our drop in signage panels featuring the Ravens logo. For more info visit :


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