Downtown Las Vegas Event Center Boxing

Las Vegas’ summer weather made for an unforgettable outdoor boxing match at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center.  Fighters Trevor Bryan, Decarlo Perez and Joey Dawejko’s athletic abilities were put to the test. They weren’t just up against competitive fighters with impressive records; they also had to battle the 100 degree desert heat. All three fighters overcame these obstacles and won their matches by unanimous decision.


Seating Solutions helped the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center build an outdoor boxing venue. We supplied them our Ultimate Floortrack Seating System. Our Floortrack System allowed for 2,000 boxing fans to be seated comfortably; increasing the event center’s seating capacity by 20% over standard folding chairs.  We also provided section signage as well as numbering for seats and aisles to ensure fans were able to find their seats effortlessly.


Since our Floortrack system is faster to install, safer once installed, and easier to remove versus conventional folding chairs; it was the only choice for the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center’s temporary seating. For more info visit :


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