American Express Rally on the River

Seating Solutions was proud to be a part of the start of this year’s US Open tennis tournament, at the “American Express Rally on the River”.  This event was the first ever hydro-interactive tennis experience at Pier 97 in New York City featuring tennis professionals Maria Sharapova, John Isner and Monica Puig with special musical guest Chromeo, as well as comedian/actor Kevin James. This VIP private event had a spectacular water and light show highlighted by some  live tennis and holographic appearances from tennis legends.


Seating Solutions was able to seat over 500 American Express Rally on the River attendees comfortably with our all aluminum Ultimate bench seating system. This system differs from your standard bleacher with our custom 9 ½” rise per row for the best possible sightlines.  Our Ultimate “safety code compliant” system was elevated 3’ from grade and had 4 aisles for egress with front stairs for entry and exit.  The system had a full length back of house 10’ wide platform with access to the platform through two end aisles within the stand. The unit was fully picket railed for additional safety. For more info visit :

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