The BOX Seat 903 at Florida Gulf Coast University

The BOX Seat 903 delivers the ideal solution for any high-volume spectator requirements, combining strength and intelligent design with the utmost in ergonomic precision.


This model provides the durability and economic efficiency that’s become the trademark of The BOX Seat, whilst offering an even more pleasant experience for the customer with its protective lumber support and generous seating pan.

Ultimate Flip-Up Seating at Joyce Meyer Ministries

Ultimate seating is known throughout the special events industry as the most innovative seating system.With virtually no hardware the system dismantles remarkably quickly. The modular design of the system allows our design team to maximize the amount of seats in a given space.


The system can also be built around existing obstacles and on unlevel ground using our all terrain leveling system. The understructure of the system is manufactured entirely from lightweight but rigid square tube aluminum.

Seating Solutions at Babson University

Seating Solutions specializes in premium VIP seating for any event. Whether you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your existing VIP areas or creating your own.



  • Superior X-Frame metal construction with powder coating. Engineered for greater strength and flexibility.
  • Offered in over 200 metal frame colors.
  • Seat bottom and back made from resilient polyurethane fire-retardant foam for premium comfort and quality.
  • Seat link attachment features direct metal to metal contact (no clips required)
  • Molded foot glide allow for maximum non-marring floor contact.
  • 25 year limited chair frame warranty.

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Seatings Solutions at OKC Energy FC

Row Ones Are The True Meaning Of VIP Seating. Creating Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities Through Its Uniquely Patented Logo Panel System.


Row One Seating is changing the look and feel of premium seating by offering the ultimate in comfort and quality. Our unique rocking mechanism along with our premium high back provides a maximum spectator experience. These chairs can be found throughout professional & collegiate venues and facilities as well as home and commercial theaters all over the country.

Moravian College

Seating Solutions is your number one source for innovative seating design. At one of our recent projects at Moravian College, we were able to modify an already existing seating stand to fit an ADA/Handicap extension, which can accommodate six (6) wheelchair & six (6) companion seats.

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Live Nation’s Aaron’s Amphitheater

Live Nation’s Aaron’s Amphitheater recently got a luxury VIP seating upgrade. 36 DreamSeat RowOne Seats featuring our patented Logo Panel System were purchased to serve as VVIP seating for the venue’s most elite guests.


The seats were ganged together in groups of four and mounted to an aluminum deck elevated 4″ from grade x 5-1½” wide. For more info visit :

Petco Park – San Diego Padres from Seating Solutions

If your goal is to create a cost effective general admission seating area then the answer is Ultimate bench seating.

We have designed two versions of this Ultimate system. Our 30″ tread depth system has all of the benefits of increased comfort and additional safety with the extra row space. This version can be built with a 6″ or 12″ elevation change per row.san-diago-padres-stadium-ncaa-basketball-temp-stadium-slider1

Also available, a reduced deck to a standard 24″ tread depth per row. This is the typical industry standard for bleacher seating and although it lacks the added comfort of our 30″ tread depth system, it is certainly the way to “pack-em-in!”, The 9 1/2″ elevation change per row allows for excellent sightlines to the field of play. The “Ultimate 24″ completes the Ultimate seating line. One of these options will meet the needs of your event!