Seating Solutions at MGM’s iHeart Music Festival

If you build it they will come” … That line isn’t just for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, it also proved to be true for MGM’s iHeart Music Festival. MGM had the same problem that most events have; they thought that if they built V.I.P. suites people would flock to their events but upfront cost and lack of a proven concept was holding them back. People are always willing to spend more for a luxury V.I.P. experience but without a tested proof of concept or plan they were not going to be able to supply the iHeart Radio Music Festival V.I.P’s the experience they craved.

Seating Solutions had the answer! They were able to rent MGM eight of their fully customizable V.I Portable Suite Systems. MGM didn’t have to worry about committing the money and space to building V.I.P suites, Seating Solutions built it for them. The rental structure allowed MGM to prove the V.I.P. suite concept at the event lot without investing much money or time. The 3-story, fully re-locatable suites allowed for complete custom branding and promotional signage; everything from their logoed furnishings to walls, rails, stairs, drink rails and doors were branded to highlight the iHeart Music Festival and their sponsors. For more info visit :


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