Pacquiao vs Clottery – AT&T Stadium

Row Ones Are The True Meaning Of VIP Seating. Creating Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities Through Its Uniquely Patented Logo Panel System. Row One Seating is changing the look and feel of premium seating by offering the ultimate in comfort and quality. Our unique rocking mechanism along with our premium high back provides a maximum spectator experience.


These chairs can be found throughout professional & collegiate venues and facilities as well as home and commercial theaters all over the country. With a hidden zipper design, custom embroidered logos have the ability to be changed off each chair back in seconds. Multiple colors options are available and Row Ones can be designed to mount to any surface or designed to be beam mounted for portability.

University of Kansas DreamSuite

DreamSuites are designed to generate extra revenue for your organization through added ticket sales and sponsorship revenue. We take underutilized areas in your venue and upgrade them to code compliant VIP seating that will become a destination for all of your fans.


The seating systems are available for both purchase and rental and can be designed to fit any environment. Please contact Seating Solutions for a free consultation and pricing at :

Dowtown LVEC, D Hotel Boxing – Floor Track Section Signage

Ensure a seamless event experience

Seating Solutions understand the complexity of creating the perfect seating venue. Your Floor seating needs to convey a clear, easy accessible entrance and exit for your guest.


To meet the demands of high level foot traffic while displaying clear section areas, Seating Solutions offers customized “Section Signage” for all Floor track and Grid Seating options.

Our sales team is available to answer any questions regarding pricing, quotes, installation requirements and more. Know more :

Baltimore Ravens Retractable Awning Coverage

Seating Solutions offer additional ‘Awning Coverage Options’ for all our custom seating systems.

We understand the complexity of creating the perfect seating venue. Whether you looking to create shade for outdoor events or just need some additional coverage for your VIP section, Seating Solutions has got your ‘Covered’.


Create shade, protection and comfort anytime you want–with the touch of a button. Our motorized retractable awning makes your event seating as much as 20-degrees cooler, while guarding your guests from harmful UV rays.

Our sales team is available to answer any questions regarding pricing, quotes, installation requirements and more. Click the link below to download a product deck. For more info visit :

Spokane Tribe, BleaChair Seat Pans

If you are looking for a cost effective way to upgrade your bleachers but simply don’t have the room to add backrests the BleaChair seat pan is the product for you. The seat pan adds comfort, seat identification, and color to your bleachers at a low price point. Available in 6 standard colors, custom colors available on bulk orders.



  • Designed with high mechanical resistance and durability via an internal rib system.
  • Thermoplastic material is UV resistant for color fastness in all environments
  • Weep holes in the center of the seats guarantees total water drainage.
  • Area for seat numbering on front of chair.
  • Two tamper proof plugs cover attachment points.
  • Only product in line without backrest

West Montgomery High School

The patented BleaChair Maximus 28 is the slightly smaller cousin of our BleaChair Maximus chair. Equipped with all of the attributes of the Maximus seat it is slightly shallower and designed to fit in 28″ tread depths. This compact design allows for the high back comfort of the Maximus in the tight row spacing of as little as 28″.


Constructed of durable high impact polypropylene and guaranteed for 3 years of UV color resistance the Maximus 28 is a cost effective seating option for any application. Perfect for VIP/ Alumni sections, reserved seating, or a whole stadium. The chair installs easily to concrete, aluminum, and wood benches and is perfect for new construction or retrofits of existing facilities. Know more :

Ultimate Floor Track Seating at JKF Airport

Ultimate floortrack maximizes the quantity of seats in a given space at floor level with a low profile track that lays flat on the floor, onto which our flip up chairs lock into place. Standard folding chairs require a minimum of 36″ of row spacing. Even then it is very difficult to walk past someone that is already seated.


Our Ultimate floortrack holds the flip up chair so that the row spacing is 30″. With this space saving set up we can add more rows of chairs in a given space. Due to the automatic flip up design of the chair, once someone stands up the seat flips up allowing ample space for guests to get by one another. For more info visit :

Modular Buildings at Carifta Games

Seating Solutions provides pre-fabricated press boxes, luxury suites, and support buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our boxes can come in an all-aluminum design or with a steel frame for added strength. Our designs meet all applicable codes and we even go as far as to get a third party stamp in states where it is required.

All of Seating Solutions boxes come pre-wired for electricity and data with front windows and work desk with options for heat/AC, sliding windows, and roof top camera decks.


They can be as finished or unfinished as you require and can even utilize amenities such as bathrooms and kitchenettes.

A pre-fabricated structure is a great option because it minimizes the time you spend on the job site as well as the amount of costly labor to install. A pre-fabricated structure can give you added flexibility as it can be moved easily from field to field or event to event. Please contact us for sizing, details, and pricing.

Austin Peay State Univ, TN

Austin Peay State University uses our Gray BleaChair Maximus 30s for their VIP football stadium seating. The BleaChair Maximus is a plastic-contoured, cost-effective, alternative to typical flip-up style, stadium seating. It’s unique, economically-effective construction also provides lumbar support without sacrificing any comfort or durability.


Our Maximus 30 can attach directly onto any surface and can work within row spacing as little as 30″. Made of high impact polypropylene The BleaChair Maximus 30 is designed for years of maintenance free use. Austin Peay State customized their BleaChairs with their team logo on the front.

Minnesota United FC – Ultimate Seating Solution

Our Ultimate seating system is an all-aluminum system that is designed to rapidly install and uninstall.  Perfect for multi-use facilities, traveling performances, or temporary stadiums.  If you are looking for a high quality system that provides endless options and flexibility, the Ultimate system is for you.


Design Options Include : 

  • Quick connect hardware
  • Variable rises and runs
  • Rail signage systems
  • Snap in seating options
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to transport
  • Optional wood decking
  • Aisle lighting

Know more :