Wizard Studio Ultimate Bench Seating

If your goal is to create a cost effective general admission seating
area then the answer is Ultimate bench seating.

We have designed two versions of this Ultimate system. Our 30″ tread
depth system has all of the benefits of increased comfort and additional
safety with the extra row space. This version can be built with a 6″ or
12″ elevation change per row.


Also available, a reduced deck to a standard 24″ tread depth per row.
This is the typical industry standard for bleacher seating and although
it lacks the added comfort of our 30″ tread depth system, it is certainly
the way to “pack-em-in!”, The 9 1/2″ elevation change per row allows for
excellent sightlines to the field of play. The “Ultimate 24” completes
the Ultimate seating line. One of these options will meet the needs of
your event!


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