Excutive Club : The Bravo Grid

Similar to our Ultimate Floor Track Seating, The Bravo Grid follows the same basic principles: added safety, added comfort, added seat count while also providing an ease of cleaning and maintenance. What the Bravo Seats adds is a sleekness and high end luxury, feel perfect for amphitheaters, performance arts centers, arenas and anywhere that has come to expect a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating experience.

Even with the upgrades in comfort and appearance the seats still fit in a 31.5″ tread, providing more than 10 percent additional seats over traditional floor seating. Fully reconfigurable, the Bravo Grid is ideal for multi-purpose venues. Speed of install and reduction in seat adjustments and maintenance make the Bravo Grid an investment that pays for itself not only with additional ticket sales but operations costs savings. Know more : http://www.seatingsolutions.com/


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