We Design Better Seating! Why Settle For Less

Think your bleacher or stadium is beyond repair? Want to save valuable time, money, and keep the tradition and look of your facility? Seating Solutions specializes in renovations, rehabilitations, retreads and replanks of all kinds of spectator seating facilities.

Whether you are looking to renovate an entire stadium or just a small bleacher we have an option for you.

Our New York Sales Team is available to answer any questions regarding pricing, quotes, installation requirements and more.

Dewitt Clinton’s Bleachers

Steel bleachers are Seating Solutions answer to the aluminum theft problem in urban areas.
These bleachers are made of 100 percent steel and are too big and too heavy to be worth the time to try to vandalize or steal. They also utilize all tamper proof hardware which makes it nearly impossible to take apart the bleacher once it is installed.

The galvanized steel is impervious to rust and holds the original finish of the bleacher for years. The New York city Parks Department has enjoyed the advantages of Seating Solutions steel bleachers for over 10 years and can attest to the strength, durability, and deterrence of theft the steel bleacher provides.

Bleacher Awnings : Seating Solutions

Seating Solutions offer additional ‘Awning Coverage Options’ for all our custom seating systems.
We understand the complexity of creating the perfect seating venue. Whether you looking to create shade for outdoor events or just need some additional coverage for your VIP section, Seating Solutions has got your ‘Covered’.


  • Front or rear Coverage options
  • Adjustable heights with motorized retractable awning for automatic roll out and up.
  • Options to buy or rent
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Clean, easy install

Under Armour Basketball’s Elite 24. Brooklyn, NY

Forget messy banners. This new panel has been well received by major corporations and is becoming the new wave of sponsor signage and advertisement. Offset your costs & have this sleek look at your next event.


  • Front, rear and/or side signage options
  • Options to buy
  • High detailed print application
  • Signage ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Clean, easy install

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Brevard College : GameDay Platform

The GameDay Scorers Platform is a 8’ x 6’ portable aluminum stage that allows score keepers, coaches, and announcers to get up above the players. The platform comes with code compliant access stairs, 2 built in benches, a scorers table and a sports stool along the back for additional seating.

The GameDay Platform is completely portable and comes complete with wheels, leveling jacks and is railed on all sides for safety.

  • All aluminum construction
  • 30” elevation
  • Includes 4 BleaChair Maximus seats
  • Perfect for Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball and Football

San Francisco Giants, Scout Seating

Seating Solutions specializes in the design of custom outside the box seating systems that are unique to our client needs. We have built everything from seating systems that crane out in sections to seating on railroad tracks that move with spectators in them. If you are looking for a custom designed seating solution look no further!


  • Luxury Suite Additions
  • Removable End Zone System
  • Tunnel In-Fill system which filled in an empty tunnel in their stadium.
  • Available for sale or rental.

Know more : http://www.seatingsolutions.com/