Carolina Panthers Custom Seating

Seating Solutions specializes in the design of custom outside the box seating systems that are unique to our client needs. We have built everything from seating systems that crane out in sections to seating on railroad tracks that move with spectators in them. If you are looking for a custom designed seating solution look no further!


  • Luxury Suite Additions
  • Removable End Zone System
  • Tunnel In-Fill system which filled in an empty tunnel in their stadium.
  • Available for sale or rental.

Seating Solutions at Squash Engine

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Seating Solutions is proud to supply Squash Engine a custom seating system for their yearly tournament at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. For more info visit :

Seating Solutions’ newest Solara Seat at Camp Equinunk – Blue Ridge, NY



Seating Solutions is proud to supply Camp Equinunk a truly custom seating system for their athletic fields. Utilizing our newest Solara seat, campers and guests can truly enjoy their experience in a comfortable flipup style seat. Check out more on