Reasons Why Every Event Should Offer V.I.P Seating

Every year more and more concerts and events are offering V.I.P seating and packages to their fans. Here are a few reasons why every event should offer special seating for their V.I.Ps.

  • People don’t want to stand to be close to the action: everyone wants to be up front when it comes to their favorite artist performing or team playing and people are willing to pay for it. However, games and concerts are long and fans who are paying thousands of dollars to be up close want to be comfortable. No matter how much you love a team or an artist if your feet hurt from standing or your butt falls asleep from an uncomfortable chair there is no way you are going to enjoy yourself.


  • They attract a higher clientele: if celebrities show up to your event its guarantee to get the press talking about it. But no celebrity is going to want to put their precious behind on a regular uncomfortable folding chair.


  • Fans want a unique experience: It doesn’t matter what you are offering if you label something as a luxury unique experience people are going to be intrigued. Since V.I.P seating is always limited people are going to jump at the chance to feel like royalty for a night.


  • VIP setups help offset high headliner fees: as much as $4 million, according to the Rolling Stone. This allows venues and event planners to provide viewers with a wider range of legendary artists.


  • They offset event costs: events are a huge risk to put on selling off sponsorships and VIP seating  is a way to get through and guarantee the event will be successful financially and more likely to become an annual event.


  • Higher V.I.P prices will lower general admission prices and increase overall profit: I.P ticket revenue can make up most of the revenue for an event. This will allow venues to lower general admission prices. If general admission prices are lower people are going to have more money in their pocket to spend on food, drinks and merchandise. Overall increasing the revenue of the event.


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Elite 24 – The Nation’s Premier High School Basketball Showcase

Under Armour Basketball brought the Elite 24 – the nation’s premier high school basketball showcase – back to Brooklyn, NY for the 2nd consecutive year!

photo 6

The Elite 24 has been played on outdoor courts beginning with the inaugural game in 2006 at Rucker Park in Harlem, New York. worked to put together the seating for the event.  The outdoor court embodies a unique and exciting dynamic between the players and fans, creating an electric, once-in-a-lifetime basketball experience. Read more at :

The Box Seat 907 Rental

The Box Seat 907 model is our upgraded 903 model with a padded seat bottom. The padded seat vinyl is a marine grade vinyl designed for outdoor applications. It incorporates a tough polymer and vinyl seat with exceptional durability. Slightly larger and more comfortable than our 901 model.




It is the cost-effective option of a fully-upholstered seat. Offering the luxury of a padded seat with the stability of a polymer backrest, the 907 is the perfect example of comfort meeting both functional and budget requirements. For more info visit :

Premium Seating At Seating Solutions

Seating Solutions specializes in the sales, rental and timely installation of custom designed spectator seating. We will design your seating system only after considering all the factors that affect your unique application: the specific event or sport, location of spectators, sightlines, entry and exit positions, and your budget.



Portable auditorium or stadium seats can allow customized seating configurations for a host of different types of performances. Such seats help to increase both seating capacity and revenue. Our designers, craftsmen, and engineers are ready to assist you with your next project. We can show you ways to get more value out of your initial investment as well as through long-term maintenance savings.

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